Alice in Wonderland Jr.

LHE presents Disney's

Character Descriptions

Cast members will have one of three types of roles, with few exceptions: 1). Characters with speaking roles are generally in one or two scenes with a few other cast members, some will sing as well, 2). Dance numbers where cast members will be showcased singing and dancing in one scene with a medium-size group, or 3). Larger groups of cast members that will sing multiple songs throughout the production. Be assured that every effort has been made to balance the roles as much as possible within the confines of the script. Character descriptions are as follows...

Production Crew - The production crew will make the props and scenery for the show. They will attend Work Parties leading up to performance weekend. Their active participation ends prior to showtime but they are encouraged to attend performances to see their accomplishments firsthand.

Stagehands - The stagehands will be backstage during performances working the props, scenery, curtain, etc.

Mathilda - Alice's older sister, a no-nonsense personality in Alice's life. Mathilda has speaking lines and appears in the Prologue and Epilogue, Alice's real world. 

Alice - Alice is a charming girl who enjoys adventures and is on a journey of self-discovery. She acts and sings throughout the play. (Alice, Small Alice, and Tall Alice are different sized versions of the same character.) 

Small Alice - Alice drinks from a mysterious bottle and shrinks to Small Alice. Small Alice has speaking lines, sings  and dances in several songs. 

Tall Alice - Alice eats a cookie and grows to Tall Alice. Tall Alice has speaking lines in a couple of scenes.

White Rabbit - The White Rabbit is an energetic character that lures Alice down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. She has speaking lines and sings a couple of songs. Alice is constantly chasing her as she hops her way through our story.

Doorknob - Doorknob is the first comical character when Alice first arrives in Wonderland. She has speaking lines in one scene.

The Cheshire Cat - The Cheshire Cat serves as the Narrator and makes surprise appearances throughout our story. 

Caterpillar - The Caterpillar is one cool character who provides the heart of our story and convinces Alice to be herself. She has speaking lines, sings and dances in a couple of scenes and songs.

Mad Hatter - The Mad Hatter is the quintessential life of the tea party. He has speaking lines and sings in a couple of scenes and songs.

March Hare - The March Hare is the silly counterpart to the Mad Hatter who also enjoys a good laugh during tea. He has speaking lines and sings in a couple of scenes and songs.

The Tweedles - A quartet of stuffy, "English Gentlemen" types who enforce their good manners on everyone in which they come in contact. They have speaking lines in a couple of scenes, dance and sing "How D'ye Do And Shake Hands" with Alice.

The Flowers - The Flowers are lovely but snooty, "mean girls" who think they are the most important people in the whole world. They have lines, sing and dance "The Golden Afternoon" with the Buds and Small Alice.

Buds - The Buds are the still sweet little sisters to the Flowers. They sing and dance in "The Golden Afternoon" with the Flowers and Alice.

Dormice - Dormice were often kept as pets in Victorian times and have the reputation of being sleepy due to their long hibernation, sometimes lasting up to six months. Since our setting is in the spring, our Dormice be awake and lively, will make lots of things happen on stage, and will appear adorably throughout our story. 

Dodo Bird - The Dodo bird is the captain of the Queen's navy and is in command of the Rock Lobsters and other Creatures of the Caucus Race. He acts and sings in a couple of scenes and songs.

Rock Lobsters - The Rock Lobsters are officers in the Queen's navy, under the command of the Dodo Bird. They will protect the oysters through song and dance in "The Ocean of Tears" and "The Caucus Race".

Creatures of the Caucus Race - The Caucus Race consists of the Birds hungrily attempting to catch the Oysters for a mid-day snack. (Poor Oysters!) They will sing and dance their way through the "Caucus Race".

The Walrus & the Carpenter - These two hungry friends attempt to corral the Oysters through song and dance in the "Caucus Race".

Queen of Hearts - The Queen is the bully of our story, a commanding presence but ridiculous at the same time. She has speaking lines and sings in the palace scene and several songs. 

King of Hearts - The King is the likable yet often forgotten ruler of Wonderland who lives in the shadow of the Queen. He has speaking lines in the palace scene.

Royal Cardsmen - The Cardsmen are the Queen's royal guards. They sing and dance (a few of them may have speaking lines) in the palace scene. They will be split into two groups, each group performing in two of the four shows.

Lewis C. Gigglemeister - Based on Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis C. Gigglemeister is the conductor of the choruses and sings several songs throughout our story with the Gigglemeisters & Gigglemugs. He will dance in one song.

L. Carroll Gigglemeister - Again, based on Lewis Carroll, he is Lewis C. Gigglemeister's counterpart, helping to conduct the choruses and singing several songs throughout our story. He will dance in one song.

Gigglemugs - Victorian slang for "habitually smiling faces". Our Gigglemugs are larger groups of cast members singing multiple songs throughout our story. They will dance in one song. They will be split into two groups, each group singing in two of the four performances.

Gigglemeisters- Masters of the Gigglemugs, our Gigglemeisters will learn harmonies and sing with the Gigglemugs in multiple songs throughout our story. They will dance in one song. They will perform in all four shows.